Trekking, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Sailing, Snorkeling e Diving

Activities at Camping Village Canapai

Camping & Village Canapai is located in the eastern part of the island of Elba, the main island of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, the largest marine park in Europe (56,766 hectares of sea and 17,887 hectares of land).
The island of Elba is rich in history and natural features that deserve to be known up close and explore through all the senses. Guests of Canapai can choose from multiple experiences, thanks to a network of local people who share the values ​​and practices of sustainable development and offer interesting opportunities and discounts to tourists.

By Land


The eastern area is an excellent destination for those who want to breathe in nature whilst walking slowly through mountain paths. There are routes for all abilities. You can walk the Path of Love, climb to reach the fortress of Volterraio, explore the Mineral Park (you can also choose the train and environmental education workshops or visit the Garden of Simples. In collaboration with the Park House Rio nell’Elba, we organize excursions and guided tours (even at night) to local heritage sites.

Mountain Bike

On the east side, there are several mountain bike paths of different difficulty levels. L ‘Elba Gravity Park is an ideal place for those who enjoy activities with mountain bikes. By partnering with Gravity Bike Elba Rio nell’Elba you can rent MTB, the guide and shuttle service for assisted ascents and make arrangements for all sorts of needs. The tourist who comes equipped with his or her own bike can ask the restaurant for the bikers’ menu!

By sea


the coastal perimeter of Elba has 147 km of coastline and is characterized by beautiful and diverse scenery. Caves and beautiful coves, beaches with all sorts of color and materials, a crystalline sea rich in life, is the environment which can be enjoyed those who choose to explore the island by paddling on the sea kayak (similar to a canoe, fast and stable, designed for long journeys at sea).
By partnering with the Il Viottolo  you can take part in half-day excursions. You can do these every day, if you wish, for an entire week (sleeping in bivouac in the various landing beaches).
You can also visit the Island of Pianosa. Kayaks are equipped with watertight compartments for camera equipment, clothing, tents and sleeping bags.

Sail boat

The Tuscan Archipelago is a paradise for sailors. A sailing holiday, such as this, offers a great sense of freedom. It’s an opportunity to get carried away by wind and currents. By partnering with Rio Service, guests of Canapai can take boats every day of the week and rent a boat and a skipper for periods of even less than a week, standard weekends, long weekends, midweek periods. Moreover, on specific request, we can adapt to the needs of different groups (eg groups or families with children).


I fondali dell’isola d’Elba, ricchi di spugne, stelle, ricci con i suoi anfratti costellati da crostacei e polpi, dove è facile incontrare saraghi, salpe, cernie, gronghi, barracuda, aquile di mare e talvolta pesci luna, rappresentano un’immensa fonte di sorprese per tutti gli appassionati di subacquea e di snorkeling.
I siti di immersione presenti sull’isola sono costituiti da ambienti sempre diversi: pareti che sprofondano verticalmente per decine di metri, secche rocciose che si ergono dal fondale sabbioso, franate che degradano verso il largo, e permettono di pianificare corsi e uscite per tutti i livelli.
Grazie alla collaborazione con Rio Diving,  un centro subacqueo dedicato alla didattica per adulti e bambini e all’immersione ricreativa e sportiva, i clienti del Canapai possono fare prove con bombole in piscina e poi partire con la barca per immergersi nei fondali dell’Arcipelago insieme a professionisti con esperienza ventennale e con una profonda conoscenza dei siti di immersione.